Scarlett Johansson has recently agreed to portray Zelda Fitzgerald, the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald for an upcoming movie. Jennifer Lawrence has agreed to the same role in a different upcoming movie. How often do we see similar movies come out at the same time where both succeed? 

The truth is Jennifer Lawrence has a much better shot at portraying the late Zelda Fitzgerald then Scarlett Johansson does. Jennifer Lawrence has put out hit after hit in recent years garnering much award. Scarlett Johansson has not had a hit role since Lost in Translation hit the movies in 2003. She has had other roles but she is more known for her voice work in the 2013 movie Her. Whereas Jennifer Lawrence has released multiple hits from the 2012 release of Silver Linings Playbook and 2013 American Hustle. She has also been apart of The Hunger Games movies. 

It will be interesting to see if Scarlett Johansson can resurrect her career with the upcoming role. Zelda Fitzgerald is a fascinating character who had a difficult relationship with her husband F. Scott Fitzgerald. Multiple reports show that much of F. Scott Fitzgerald work may have been borrowed from his wife, Zelda. It is a fascinating role for any actress but does Scarlett Johansson have what it takes to pull of a role of an iconic couple during the Jazz age? One will have to wait and see but the Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence will be hard to beat in any straight competition.

The good news is at least Scarlett Johansson is getting back to work. She has recently has made public service announcements for voting registration. She was a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton. The real question going forward for her is she a pretty face or genuine actress. If her upcoming movie beats out Jennifer Lawrence she may just put her career back on a positive track. Grab your popcorn it will be interesting to watch this brewing rivalry.